PJ Greenwell 

I have always enjoyed technology. Following the innovations as time moves on. Often finding myself adopting ideas long before they are main stream. I had ditched using CD's long before the first iPod hit the market. Using a regular computer hard drive full of my favorite music that had been compressed to mp3 that was connected to a 16x4 LCD display running in my car.

In June of 2008 through the encouragement of a good friend I decided to take the Obj-C and Cocoa course offered by the Big Nerd Ranch. Fortunately for me my instructor was non other than Aaron Hillegass. A man who is considered, by many, to be the best instructor in the country for Cocoa. After leaving the school, slightly overwhelmed, I found myself immersed in trying to re-piece together all the information that I had been exposed to at BNR.

Fortunately I was also blessed with being able to work with a very talented programmer for the past several years. Who is now an instructor at Big Nerd Ranch.

With the aid of knowledge, Photoshop and Xcode. I have been able to co-author and author some really great software.

From design to reality. Your iOS dreams can come true.

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